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Crate Training Tips for Dog Training



Avoid forcing a dog to go into a crate. If he needs to be confined while you are way before you can try any of these tips, most dogs better tolerate a wire exercise pen (also known as a X-pen). They are square with 4 foot wide side panels. Placed in a corner with two large pieces of furniture on the other sides, the X-pen is stabilized so the dog cannot push it around or push it over. Make sure it is tall enough to prevent the dog from jumping out. Tops are available if the dog is a climber. Hiring a dog sitter, taking the dog to daycare or taking the dog with you may be options until you can crate train the dog.

When first adding duration, it is helpful to ensure the dog has had a good amount of exercise so he will be tired and begin to associate the crate with being calm and sleeping.

When choosing a crate for a puppy you can either purchase one that the dog will grow into as an adult or buy a series of progressively bigger crates second hand. With the larger one, you will need to keep the actual area the puppy is in to be suitable for his current size. Cardboard boxes with the closed side towards the front and wedged into the back of the crate work well for this. Cut down the size of the box as the dog grows to allow more room for the pup.
Dog Training Tips

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