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Leash and Collar Dog Training
There was a time that when dog people spoke of a "training collar," they were referring to a choke chain. Fortunately, in this insane world, sanity has prevailed, and dog trainers and in-the-know dog people no longer use choke chains as training collars. There is a good reason for this return to sanity. Choke chains are dangerous. Choke chains can cause very serious injury and even death to a dog. Don't buy or use a choke chain as a training collar for your dog!

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My personal preference for a training collar is just a simple flat buckle collar. When you put the collar on the dog, you should be able to insert two fingers between the collar and the dog's neck. If you make the collar any looser, the dog will be able to slip it over his head; and if you make the collar any tighter, it will be uncomfortable to the dog. It is important to remember that puppies grow. When you put a collar on a puppy, be certain that you check the collar at least once a week to be sure that it hasn't gotten too tight on the dog's neck.

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The width of the collar should be determined by the size of the dog. A heavy collar that is wide and thick isn't really appropriate for, say, a toy poodle. On the other hand, a dainty little narrow jewel encrusted collar would look pretty ridiculous on a German shepherd. Remember that you need to affix the dog's vaccination tag and his identification tag to the collar.

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The leash that you use for your dog doesn't need to be fancy or expensive. Some owners prefer to use a retractable leash and that's fine. Retractable leashes actually give owners more control of their dogs. You can just "reel" him in, so to speak, if there is another dog or if you see your dog in a dangerous situation. Retractable leashes are more expensive than just regular leashes, of course, and you should only buy the type that have a one-button braking system.

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